Angry Robot


Front cover for Swashbucklers: a white background with purple, blue and pink graphics in the shape of a skull and trees

Dan Hanks
Rights: KT Literary

Front cover for The Cabinet: a pink cover with a cameleon made out of a collage of textures, with black title text in a white box

The Cabinet
Un-su Kim, translated by Sean Lin Halbert
Rights: Barbara Zitwer, Barbara J. Zitwer Agency

Front cover for The Phlebotomist: a pink cover with an anatomical heart and flower illustration and a gold banner with white title text

The Phlebotomist
Chris Panatier
Translation rights available

Front cover for The Resurrectionist of Caligo: a purple cover with an illustration of a woman casting magic, a man holding a skull, and a medical needle with a skull and crossbones on it

The Resurrectionist of Caligo
Wendy Trimboli & Alicia Zaloga
Rights: Caitlin McDonald, Donald Maass Agency

Front cover for Obsidian: red and pink artwork of a hand holding a sword, with pink and orange title text

Sarah J. Daley
Rights sold: Audio

Front cover for Red Noise: a black background with silver stars, and red text, pierced by a katana sword

Red Noise
John P. Murphy
Rights: Evan Gregory, Ethan Ellenberg Agency

Front cover for The Maleficent Seven: seven silhouetted characters holding weapons including a sword and a skythe against a firey background

The Maleficent Seven
Cameron Johnston
Translation Rights Available

Twenty-Five to Life
R.W.W. Greene
Translation Rights Available

Front cover for The Heart of the Circle: a white background with black text and a drawing of hands holding a heart with an eye graphic in the middle

The Heart of the Circle
Keren Landsman
Translation rights excl HEB available

Front cover for The imaginary Corpse: a black backgrouns with building graphics at odd angles and a comic-style drawing of a creature wearing a coat and looking shocked

The Imaginary Corpse
Tyler Hayes
Rights: Lisa Abellera, Kimberly Cameron & Associates

Front cover for The Ingenious: a drawing of a street at night, against a background of intricate, eastern-style patten with white text and a vintage border

The Ingenious
Darius Hinks
Translation rights available

Front cover for The Outside: an image of a metalis, snake-like structure with a person in a space suit looking at a ball of glowing light, with Orange title text over the top

The Outside
Ada Hoffmann
Rights sold: CAT, CZE

Front cover for Richards & Klein: a white background with electrical patterns, and orange frames and title text

Richards & Klein
Guy Haley
Translation rights available

Front cover for Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire: a sepia ilustration of a plane, a car cahse, and various characters including a femal aviator, and a man in a white suit.

Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire
Dan Hanks
Rights: Sara Megibow, KT Literary

Alex Thomson
World Rights Available

Front cover for The Second Bell: A blue background with a black wolf silhouette appearing to eat a young woman holding a knife

The Second Bell
Gabriela Houston
Rights sold: CZE

Front cover for The Fallen: yellow title text on an image of a monstrous creature breaking out of a road

The Fallen
Ada Hoffmann
Translation rights available

Front cover for Deep Dive: a yellow and green cover with an illustration of a boy facing downwrds, and glitchy-looking title text

Deep Dive
Ron Walters
Translation Rights Available

Front cover for The Offset: a green background with an illustration of a skull in the centre of a yellow flower, bordered with lightning bolt graphics and white text

The Offset
Calder Szewczak
Rights: John Ash, Pew Literary

Front cover for Forging a Nightmare: a painting of a horse with a green firey mane and a man in a suit holding a spear

Forging a Nightmare
Patricia A. Jackson
Rights: Sara Megibow, KT Literary

Doors of Sleep
Tim Pratt
Rights: Curtis Brown Ltd.

Front cover for a The Rush's Edge: a black cover with silhouetted illustrations of a man and a woman, divided by broken white and blue lines running down the centre

The Rush’s Edge
Ginger Smith
Translation rights available

Ciel Pierlot
Rights: TriadaUS

The Moonsteel Crown
Stephen Deas
Translation Rights Available

Front cover for Composite Creatures: a black and white illustration of the inside of a wooden building, with light streaming through a small round window

Composite Creatures
Caroline Hardaker
Rights: Ed Wilson, Johnson & Alcock