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400 pp
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The Glacian Trilogy, Book I

Stacey McEwan

In a place known as The Ledge, a civilization is trapped by a vast chasm and sheer mountain face. There is no way to escape the frozen wasteland without a deathly drop. They know nothing of the outside world, except that it is where The Glacians reside – mystical winged creatures who bring them meagre rations to survive, in exchange for a periodic human sacrifice.

Dawsyn, axe wielder and only remaining member of her family, has avoided the annual culling, but her luck has run out. She is chosen and ripped from her icy home and no one knows what will happen to her on the other side. Murdered? Enslaved? Worse?

With the help of a half-Glacian called Ryon, she is able to escape. But who’s to say that the life below will be any better than the one she has run from?

Stacey McEwan is a school teacher by day and fantasy writer by night. She is a book influencer on multiple platforms; her TikTok has 282.8K following. She lives on the Gold Coast, Australia with her husband, two children and one questionable dog.

400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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Full Immersion

Gemma Amor

When Magpie discovers her own dead body one misty morning in Bristol, it prompts her to uncover the truth of her untimely demise. Her investigations take her on a terrifying journey through multiple realities, experimental treatments, technological innovations and half-memories in a race against time and sanity. Accompanied by a new friend who is both familiar and strange, and constantly on the run from the terrifying, relentless presence of the mysterious predator known only as Silhouette, Magpie must piece together the parts of her life previously hidden. In doing so, she will discover the truth about her past, her potential, and her future.

Gemma Amor is a Bram Stoker Award nominated author, illustrator and voice actor. Her happy place is horror, speculative and dark fiction, or anything that blurs the boundaries of genre with a focus on human stories. Many of her works have been adapted into audio dramas by the popular NoSleep Podcast. She is also the co-creator, writer and voice actor for horror-comedy podcast Calling Darkness. She is also an audiobook narrator and painter. She lives in Bristol, England.