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368 pp
PB 197 x 130 mm
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Jeff Noon & Steve Beard

An epic journey through the sixty-mile long ghost of a dragon on a rickety boat led by Cady Meade, a veteran taxi pilot on the river Nysis. In her heyday she carried people and goods from the thriving seaports of the estuary into Ludwich, the capital city. But that was years ago. Now she’s drunk, holed up in a rundown seaside resort, telling her bawdy tales for shots of rum. All that’s about to change, when two strangers seek her out, asking for transport, one of whom – a young girl – is very ill, and in great danger. The other, an artificial being of singular character, has secrets hidden inside his crystal skull. And so begins the voyage of the Juniper. 

The Nysis is unlike any other river. Not many can navigate these channels, not many know of its whirlpools and sandbanks, and of the ravenous creatures that lurk beneath the surface. Cady used to have the necessary knowledge, and the powers of spectral navigation. But her glory days are well behind her now. This might well be her final journey. 

JEFF NOON & STEVE BEARD are award winning novelists from the UK. Jeff Noon’s debut novel, Vurt, won the 1994 Arthur C. Clarke Award. Steve Beard is well known for his experimentalist fiction in speculative spaces. The two are frequent collaborators.

400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
£9.99 / $18.99
Science Fiction 
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Tomorrow’s Children 

Daniel Polansky

Years ago, Tomorrow – a noxious cloud of funky gas – descended on Manhattan, cutting the island off from the rest of the world and mutating the remaining population.Now, survivors exist amid the rubble of modernity, wearing cast-off clothing from generations past, worshipping celebrities from the past as ambivalent gods and communicating through roughly drawn emojis. Manhattan exists in a state of delicate balance between neighbourhoods, with each group protecting themselves with Molotov cocktails and scrap metal spears.

But when the first tourist in centuries arrives on the island under mysterious circumstances, the uneasy web tangled between factions is about to unravel…

DANIEL POLANSKY is a baker and writer living in Los Angeles. His works include The Low Town trilogy, The Empty Throne duology, A City Dreaming, The 7th Perfection, and the Hugo-nominated novella The Builders.