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Pregnancy, birth & baby care
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How to Grow Your Family

From Pregnancy to New Parents - One Meal at a Time

Adam Shaw

This is the first cookbook of its kind: a collection of delicious and wholesome recipes to accompany expecting and new parents all the way through from pregnancy and into new parenthood. Created by Instagram’s At Dad’s Table, a Leith’s trained chef and dad of two, these ingenious, budget-friendly recipes nourish baby and parents. During an exciting yet exhausting time the recipes are designed to make you feel happy and positive about the food you’re eating by focussing on what you can eat rather than what you can’t.This comprehensive collection of healthy meals nurtures a growing family, with over 110 scrumptious and international, vegetable-packed recipes. From the first trimester of pregnancy until toddlerhood, each chapter highlights the important nutrients needed during each stage, written with a qualified nutritionist.

Adam Shaw is a Leith’s-trained chef and father of two. Frustrated at the lack of guidance available for expectant parents on how to prepare food to make you feel good he created At Dad’s Table on Instagram, where he shares his pregnancy-, baby- and family-friendly food creations with over 41,000 followers.