192 pp
HB 246 x 189 mm
Full-colour photography
Health & wholefood cookery


Food for Mind, Body & Soul

Melissa Delport

All the nourishment you need, made completely with wholefoods,in one bowl!

Wholesome Bowls are the delicious answer to eating mindfullyand well. The nearly 90 recipes included in this book are packed with nourishment, providing healthy, balanced and easy meals ina bowl. Many of the recipes are vegan or vegetarian, or can easilybe adapted to suit either lifestyle choice.

Wholesome Bowls is all about healing your relationship with food. Taking the time to get to know your body, treating it with respect and nourishing it with fresh food is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Eating mindfully, cutting out processed foods and embracing the foods that fuel you and leave you feeling energized are all part of the journey to finding happiness with food.

MELISSA DELPORT is an international award-winning cookbook author, Integrative Holistic health coach, private chef and wellness retreat facilitator who found fame after entering Masterchef in South Africa. Find out more at