Raise Your Vibes: Crystal Cards
Athena Bahri
ISBN: 9781786787248
World Rights Available

Ebb & Flow
Easkey Britton
ISBN: 9781786786463
World Rights Available

Move Yourself Happy
Dianne Buswell
ISBN: 9781786786708 World Rights Available

A Spell A Day
Tree Carr
ISBN: 9781786787408 Rights sold: ITA

On Alchemy
Brian Cotnoir
ISBN: 9781786787705 World Rights Available

The Ultimate I-Ching
Antony Cummins
ISBN: 9781786786517
World Rights Available

Fairy Tales Can Change Your Life
Alison Davies
ISBN: 9781786787330
World Rights Available exc. ITA

Knock, Knock!
William Harston
ISBN: 9781786787323
World Rights Available

The Mandala Way
Eitan Kedmy
ISBN: 9781786787163
Rights sold: ARA

Wilder Journeys
Laurie King, Miriam Lancewood
ISBN: 9781786787422
World Rights Available

The Beauty of Life
ISBN: 9781786787477
World Rights Available

Fall In Love with the Problem, Not the Solution 
Uri Levine
ISBN: 9781786786890
Rights: Levine Greenberg Literary Agency

How to Deal with Angry People
Dr Ryan Martin
ISBN: 9781786786647
Rights sold: Audio, Simp. Chinese, HUN, ITA, KOR, POL

Sacred Numbers of Initiation
Lars Muhl
ISBN: 9781786786890
World Rights Available

Joy at Work
Steve Ahnael Nobel
ISBN: 9781786787514
World Rights Available

Wa: The Art of Balance
Kaki Okumura
ISBN: 9781786786890
Rights sold: Audio, FRE

Moon Dust Dream Dictionary
Florance Saul
ISBN: 9781786787439
World Rights Available

The Clarity Tarot
Bel Senlle
ISBN: 9781786787699
World Rights Available

The Aleister Crowley Manual
Marco Visconti
ISBN: 9781786787361
World Rights Available

Rebel Gardening
Alessandro Vitale
ISBN: 9781786786913
Rights sold: GER

Get Your Mojo Back
Clio Wood
ISBN: 9781786786951
World Rights Available

Confidence Karma
Gary Wood
ISBN: 9781786786708
World Rights Available