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Alternative health
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Essentials of Medical Intuition

A Visionary Path to Wellness

Wendie Colter; Foreword by Leonard A. Wisneski, MD, FACP

Medical Intuition is designed to assess the root causes of bodily imbalance in order to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This is the most nuanced guide to the practice, exploring what it is, what it is not, and how it can enhance your own healing and wellness, and those of patients. Myths and taboos about intuition being a “special gift” only for the few are exploded. The four major “clairs”, such as clairvoyance, are outlined so people can understand how they experience at least one of these natural human traits regularly (a self-test is included). The book includes many research and case studies in the use of intuition in healthcare and the restoration of health. It also provides information on how to use intuitive Meta-Visual Scanning to avoid burnout and promote resiliency, and Energy Hygiene skills, including energy grounding and protection, to reduce the sense of being overwhelmed.

Wendie Colter has been a professional medical intuitive for more than 20 years. The founder/CEO of The Practical Path®, Inc., she offers intuitive development programs to clinical health professionals, complementary and alternative practitioners and the general public. Find out more at: www.thepracticalpath.com

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Self-help & personal development
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Energy Cleansing Crystals

How to Use Crystals to Optimize Your Surroundings

Judy Hall

Suitable for beginners and experienced crystal workers alike, this book focuses on practical ways in which you can clear and energize your personal space. It will guide you through the basics of crystal cleansing, using chakras and energies to keep your own energy field as a pure channel for healing. We are deeply impacted by our environment – pollution, the negative residue of past events, other people’s toxic energy. In this book, Judy Hall addresses how crystals can be used to detoxify the planet, harmonize the psyche and purify your personal surroundings. Included is a directory of the healing properties of each of the 30 clearing crystals featured in the book. With a wide range of healing grids and exercises, Energy Cleansing Crystals is an essential toolkit for crystal enthusiasts. The book was originally published as Earth Blessings.

Judy Hall has been practising for over 40 years as a healer, past-life therapist, soulmate expert, karmic astrologer and mind-body-spirit author. Her books have been translated into 15 languages. She has been featured in the renowned Watkins Mind Body Spirit’s “100 Most Spiritual Influential Living Authors” list.

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Folklore, Myths & Legends
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Earth Alchemy Oracle Card Deck

Connect to the Wisdom and Beauty of the Plant and Crystal Kingdoms

Katie-Jane Wright and Nikki Strange

A beautifully illustrated card deck helping to bring a deep connection to the magic beneath your feet, to the crystals, plants, trees and flowers and the sacred language of light. All of the elements of alchemy needed to awaken the heart further to the truth around us. This powerful and beautiful deck is a portal to inner healing, love and connection. Each card is infused with many layers, each has its own perfect valid place within the deck. The cards are full of activations, holding the keys to help you dive deeper to past lives, previous alchemic work, connection to the elementals and inner earth.

Katie-Jane Wright receives visions and advice from the crystalline world, and passes those messages on through her Crystal Expert column in Spirit and Destiny. She has been an oracle since she was a child, feeling spirit energy through many realms.

Nikki Strange is an illustrator based in London. Her work is inspired by the cycles in nature, meditation, wellness, creating products that aid self-care rituals www.nikkistrange.co.uk.

A selection of illustrated Tarot cards from the Earth Alchemy Card deck: Ambr, Diamond Heart Seed Crystal, Petalite, Herkimer diamond & Snowdrop, Obsidian & Hellebore, Candle Quartz & Bleeding Heart, Azurite, and Preseli Bluestone.

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256 pp
PB 210 x 174 mm
Approx 200 colour photographs
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History of art
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England On Fire

A Visual Journey through Albion’s Psychic Landscape

Stephen Ellcock & Mat Osman

This is a ground-breaking exploration through images of England’s psychic landscapes, from the wild places scarred by ancient tracks and standing stones to the farmlands scattered with medieval churches and ruins to the folkloric rituals of the land’s inhabitants. The featured artists are a invigorating mix of old and new, some already famous for their depictions of the land, while others are unknown, even unnamed art-makers from the past or part of the new breed of artists that are sowing the seeds of a changed England. The images are accompanied by texts by Mat Osman woven around the central themes of the imagery, from magic and mazes to ghosts and gardens. These poetic renderings of a spectral isle together with Ellcock’s hallucinatory visual journey reclaim Albion as a rebellious magic kingdom belonging to all who live here – an England on fire.

Stephen Ellcock is an author and online collector and curator of images. His ever-expanding, virtual museum of images on Facebook and Instagram has attracted more than 565k followers. His books include All Good Things and The Book of Change.

Mat Osman is the author of The Ruins, and the bassist and founding member of iconic British rock band Suede.