Poison Prescriptions
The Seed Sistas
World Rights Available

The Anxiety Antidote
Kamran Bedi
World Rights Available

Holy Waters
Tom Morton
World Rights Available

Burn a Black Candle
Dee Norman
Rights sold: FRA

Front cover for Zen and the Art of Dealing with Difficult People: a white cover with black and red text, alongside a drawing of a monk looking angry

Zen and the Art of Dealing with Difficult People
Mark Westmoquette
Rights sold: GPR, SPA, POR

The Path to Healing is a Spiral
Anna Mckerrow
World Rights Available

Hurt Healing Healed
Emma Mumford
World Rights Available

The Watkins Book of English Folktales
Neil Philip
World Rights Available

Front cover for The Face Yoga Journal: A pink background with a geometric pattern and modern, black title text

The Face Yoga Journal
Danielle Collins
World rights available

Front cover for Potions, Elixirs & Brews: a grey background with a pink cauldron and various symbols including keys, skulls, and flowers, with grey title text

Potions, Elixirs & Brews
Anaïs Alexandre
Rights sold: FRA, ROM

Living Tantra
Jan Day
Rights sold: POR (for Brazil)

Front cover for You Did What?: A pink background with yellow text

You did WHAT?
Tova Leigh
World rights available

Front cover for The New Heretics: a red cover with black eye graphics and white title text

The New Heretics
Andy Thomas
World rights available

Front cover for In Tolls for Thee: a grey background with dark grey blue and red text with a crow illustration

It Tolls for Thee
Tom Morton
World rights available

Front cover for Stay or Leave: a blue painted background with a red heart graphic with an open door in the centre

Stay or Leave
Beverley Stone
World rights available

Mind Map Mastery
Tony Buzan
Rights sold: ARA, Comp. CHN, EST, FRE, HUN, ITA, JAP, KOR, POL, POR (for Brazil), ROM, RUS, SER, Simp. CHN, SPA, TRK, UKR, VIET, AZE

Play the Forest School Way
Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton
Rights sold: Simp. CHN, Comp. CHN, CZE, FRE, GER, LIT, SLK

Front cover for Forest School Wild Play: an orange cover with dark orange text and illustrations of kites, campfires, and insects

Forest School Wild Play
Jane Worroll
Rights sold: CHN-Simplified, CZE

How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Ben Aldridge
Rights sold: GER

How to Be a Modern Samurai
Antony Cummins
Rights sold: CZE, FRE, ITA, SLK, RUS, CRO

Front cover for Talking Therapy: a white cover with a blue and orange watercolour swash and white title text

The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy
Karin Blak
World rights available

Front cover for Success is Not a Fluke: a white background with yellow bands and black and red title text

Success is Not a Fluke
Alon Ulman
Rights sold: POR for BrazilHEB unavailable

Ahead of Her Time
Judy Piatkus
World rights available

Front cover for Reclaim your Time: a blue background with dark blue text, and a yellow clock face

Reclaim Your Time Off
Fab Giovanetti
Rights sold: CHN-Simplified, CZE

Front cover for Your Pelvic Floor: A blue cover with a dark blue pelvis graphic and white text

Your Pelvic Floor
Kim Vopni
Rights sold: FRA

Front cover for Sitting Comfortably: a blue background with illustrations of woman sitting in yoga poses, surrounded by decorative floral elements

Sitting Comfortably
Swami Saradananda
World rights available

Front cover for Feel Better, No Matter What: a mint blue cover with black and pale red text.

Feel Better, No Matter What
Michael James
Rights sold: POR for Brazil

Front cover for Rebel Witch: a cosmic teal / tourquise artwork with light grey title text

Rebel Witch
Kelly-Ann Maddox
Rights sold: FRA, GER

Front cover for Saltwater in the Blood: a blue painting of a woman surfing, with white and blue title text

Saltwater in the Blood
Easkey Britton
World rights available

Front cover for The Synchronicity Oracle: a blue background with black and gold triangle graphics and icons including a Yin-Yang symbol, key, and hourglass

The Synchronicity Oracle
Etan Ilfeld
World rights available

Front cover for The Goblin Market Tarot: a blue background with yellow text and a light coloured illustration of various goblin characters

Goblin Market Tarot
John Matthews
World rights available

Front cover for The Hidden Beauty of The Microscopic World: white text on an image of a cell under a microscope

The Hidden Beauty of the Microscopic World
James Weiss
World rights available

Front cover for The Way Back Almanac: a decorative floral pattern with black banners and yellow text

The Way Back Almanac 2022
Melinda Salisbury
World rights available

The Happy Menopause
Jackie Lynch
Rights sold: FRE, ITA

Front cover for The Wisdom of Mental Illness: a yellow and green cover with a pattern made of circles and plants

The Wisdom of Mental Illness
Jez Hughes
World rights available

Front cover for The Tree Forager: a green cover with a drawing of a tree and white title text

The Tree Forager
Adele Nozedar
World rights available

Front cover for The Inner Compass Deck: a multicoloured design with a scales and fibonacci spiral graphics and white text with arrows working into the title

The Inner Compass Deck
Teal Swan
World rights available

Front cover for Damanhur: a black background with a geometric illustration of a face in the centre

Jeff Merrifield
World rights available

Front cover for Use Your Psychic Powers to Have it All : A darkblue cover with a man holding spoons against his eyes, with yellow text

Use Your Psychic Powers to Have It All
Uri Geller
World rights available

Front cover for Four Books of Magick: a black cover with arcane graphics

Aleister Crowley’s Four Books of Magick
Edited by Stephen Skinner
World rights available