352 pp
KIT & Deck 126 x 87 mm
77 full-colour cards
Body, mind & spirit/Divination
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Aether Creatures Oracle Cards

Teal Swan

This is an innovative new deck from popular spiritual leader Teal Swan. It shows you how to connect with the many fantastic spirits that inhabit the universe that are usually inaccessible as they exist in another dimension. Tap into the specific medicinal properties and powers of the Aether Creatures in this specially illustrated 77 card deck. In the accompanying booklet, discover the profile of each creature and learn how to interpret their appearance in the cards for advice, clarity and guidance. While any tarot spread may be used with the cards, Teal also shares spreads specific to this deck, including the Them and Me Spread, which allows you to gain insight into the reality about you and the other person in any relationship, and the Skein Spread, which gives you a comprehensive perspective on direct questions.

Teal Swan is a modern spiritual leader, international speaker and author of six books. Teal has a dedicated fanbase, with 1.6 million Youtube subscribers and1.4 million Facebook followers. Find out more at: www.tealswan.com

224 pp
HB 185 x 130 mm
Dreams & their interpretation
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The Dreamwork Handbook

Transform Your Life Through Dreams

Dr Nicholas Heyneman

Used alone or with a partner, The Dreamwork Handbook offers a radical programme of practical exercises to use dreams as a catalyst for a healthier, happier physical and emotional relationship with yourself and others.

Thought-provoking exercises and specially devised dream scenarios offer dozens of step-by-step ways to use dreams to enhance your love life, as well as your relationships with family and friends. Discover new ways to benefit from your dream life, based on visualizations, role play, storytelling, and other techniques for solo or mutual dreamwork. Go beyond dream symbolism and get to grips with the detailed language of dreams, allowing you to explore your deep subconscious spirituality, health, self-esteem and desires. The Guided Daydreaming Toolkit offers a practical series of exercises to gently conduct any relationship back into alignment.

Dr Nicholas Heyneman is an author, clinical psychologist in private practice, former university professor with over 50 professional publications, and software creator, including an app that analyzes dreams.

272 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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Holy Waters

Searching for the Sacred in a Glass

Tom Morton

Tom Morton, keen motorcyclist, funeral celebrant and whisky aficionado, takes us on a journey around the globe, exploring the links between famous alcoholic spirits and spirituality. His journeys reveal the links between faith and alcohol, between spirits and the spiritual, from Christianity’s Holy Communion to the temple libations of Japan, through the rum concoctions of Haitian Voodoo to the monastic producers of every liquid from beer to “tonic” wine. With great insight, humour and for the most part sobriety, he traces the links between brewing, winemaking, distilling and worship, from ancient pagan rites to the most modern Trappist technology. He revels in the lore and mysteries of craft production, the elemental, magical love stories and the passionate relationships between human and landscape. This book is a celebration of cultures and artisan craft, a book for food and drink, travel and history lovers.

Tom Morton is a Scottish writer, broadcaster, journalist, musician and funeral celebrant. Tom has written several books, including It Tolls For Thee, also published by Watkins Books. He is currently hosting a weekly internet radio show called The Beatcroft Social.

224 pp
HB 200 x 145 mm
100 colour illustrations
World rights available


Poison Prescriptions

Power Plant Medicine, Magic & Ritual

The Seed Sistas, Illustrated by SilvA

For all those interested in magic, herbalism and feminism, this is a stunningly illustrated guide to the witching herbs – the notorious psychedelic plants such as henbane, datura and belladonna. It is a witchy grimoire to treasure, as well as a practical guide to plant magic, medicine and ritual. The book urges the resurrection of the ancient tradition of using of these plants in medicine – a tradition that was suppressed along with other female-dominated herbal practices. Although these plants are toxic, the suggestions in this book are safe to follow, as the Seed Sistas work with them as microdoses or purely ritually. It is the Seed Sistas’ experience that even these “safe” practices will change profoundly consciousness and usher in wellbeing and healing. The book includes step-by-step instructions to creating the powerful witches’ Flying Ointment and using it in ritual, sex magic, lucid dreaming and elsewhere.

The Seed Sistas (Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton) are medically trained herbalists, activists, modern plant folklorists and the authors of The Sensory Herbal Handbook. Find out more on Instagram: @seed_sistas