208 pp
HB 185 x 130 mm
Mono illustrations
Mindfulness & meditation/crafts
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Mindfulness Through the Ancient Art of Japanese Calligraphy

Rie Takeda

This is a beautiful guide to harmonize the body and mind connection through elegant Japanese calligraphy for fans of Ikigai and Wabi Sabi.

The ancient Japanese art of calligraphy is more than just a decorative skill; it is a revolutionary approach to mindfulness. This illustrated book shows how the movement of a brush channels energy through the body and mind, uniting both in harmony. Shodo expert Rie Takeda shares the history, philosophy and craft of Shodo. Decorated throughout with her stunning art, Takeda begins with the basic brushstrokes, and builds up to drawing complete kanji, beautifully nuanced in both appearance and meaning.

Rie Takeda is a professional artist and calligrapher. She has completed a masters in calligraphy at the Gayu calligraphy school. Her collaborations and exhibitions – across Europe and Japan – include a clothing collection for John Lewis and the popular Domestika course “Shodo: Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy”. Find out more at: rietakeda.com

400 pp
HB 234 x 153 mm
Folklore, myths & legends
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The Watkins Book of English Folktales

Neil Philip

This is a beautiful new edition of Neil Philip’s much-praised golden treasury of over one hundred English folktales, all captured in the form in which they were first collected in past centuries. Read these classic tales as they would have been told when storytelling was a living art – when the audience believed in boggarts and hobgoblins, local witches and will-o’-the-wisps, ghosts and giants, cunning foxes and royal frogs. Find “Jack the Giantkiller”, “Tom Tit Tot” and other quintessentially English favourites, alongside interesting borrowings, such as an English version of the Grimms’ “Little Snow White” – as well as bedtime frighteners, including “Captain Murderer”, as told to Charles Dickens by his childhood nurse. Neil Philip has provided a full introduction and source notes on each story that illustrate each tale’s journey from mouth to page. These tales rank among the finest English short stories of all time.

Neil Philip is a writer, folklorist and poet. Among his many books are The Cinderella Story, The Tale of Sir Gawain and The Adventures of Odysseus. His work has won the Aesop Award of the American Folklore Society and the Literary Criticism Book Award of the Children’s Literature Association.

192 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
Self-help & personal development
World rights available


Hurt, Healing, Healed

Release Limiting Beliefs, Fears & Blocks to Supercharge your Manifestation

Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford developed a programme of inner healing techniques to help her find freedom from her troubled past. Since then she’s helped thousands of people to move forward on their own healing journey. In this book, Emma provides an experience of healing through the layers of mind, body and spirit, using Law of Attraction tools from her coaching programme and Emotional Healing training, including EFT. These techniques are simple, accessible and produce huge results. They include working through sources of pain and hurt in your past, exploring and raising your inner vibration and energy, coming back home to yourself and reconnecting with unconditional love, and rewriting limiting beliefs and fears, uncovering your true self, overcoming your blockages and resistance to reignite your manifesting powers.

Emma Mumford is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert. She is an award-winning life coach and mentor, Law of Attraction YouTuber, and host of the popular Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast. She is the author of the bestselling Positively Wealthy and The Positively Wealthy Journal. Find out more at emmamumford.co.uk

224 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
Mind, body, spirit
World rights available


How to Live with Dragons

The Dragon Path Guide to Healing, Empowerment and Adventure

Caroline Mitchell

Caroline Mitchell knows that dragons are real as she has spent the last 20 years talking and working with them. These guardian spirits of the earth can help you find healing, empowerment and adventure. This complete guide to finding and working with your personal dragons is packed full of journaling activities and prompts for reflection, meditations and visualization exercises, with insights from the dragons themselves and handy author tips.  It features many of the dragons from the popular Dragon Path Oracle Cards, and will help you to contact, communicate with and learn from dragons in day-to-day life, avoiding the pitfalls Caroline herself encountered.

Caroline Mitchell, the Original Dragon Lady, is a Dragon Healing Master, who for the last 20 years has focused on the powerful influence of dragons in her work. Find out more at: www.carolinemitchell.info