Angry Robot



400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
Science Fiction
Rights: Mushens Entertainment


Jane Hennigan

Forty years ago, the world changed. Toxic threads left behind by mutated moths infected every man and boy, killing them quietly in their sleep, or turning them into crazed killers. No one was safe from their psychopathic wrath and no one could reach them. All seemed hopeless.

But humanity, as it does, adapted and society moved on. Now, menare kept in specially treated dust-free facilities for their safety, andare never able to return to the outside. The world is quiet, butsecrets are kept safe in whispers.

Very few people remember what life was like before the change, but Mary knows. She had a family. She was happy. This is her story.

JANE HENNIGAN is a previously self-published author and teacher with a BA in English Literature and Philosophy and an MA in Creative Writing. She lives with her two children in Aldershot, UK.

400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
World rights available


Chris Faraday

Two years after jilting his bride and escaping his hometown of Gracious, Brad Van Reed returns to the aid of his eleven year old sister, Kristen. Though he’s having a hard time believing that the old amulet in her possession gives her the power to see that an evil entity named Nowhere Man is coming for her, Brad’s intent on helping her through this phase.

But then, Kristen’s kidnapped by toxic creatures who claim to be under Nowhere Man’s thrall. Left with nowhere else to go, Brad seeks out the help of his former fiancé, Felicity. But Felicity has new problems of her own: her girlfriend has fallen under the thrall of Nowhere Man and fled into the wilderness.

Joining forces with crusty recluse Joseph LeFevre, Brad and Felicity stumble on a device similar to Kristen’s amulet. These make up two parts of a powerful ancient weapon designed to stop Nowhere Man, but the third is missing. Can they find the long lost third item before it’s too late?

CHRIS FARADAY has been writing his whole life. Trine is his latest novel, and features a town plagued with mystery, and an evil entity who yearns for power.