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400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
Audio rights available

The Graveyard Shift

Maria Lewis

Tinsel Munroe’s dream of working in radio hasn’t turned out to be everything she hoped. Sure, she has her own show – aptly titled The Graveyard Shift – where she celebrates the sounds of horror-cinema, but the wage is barely enough to cover her rent and the midnight hours are putting a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend. After three years at Melbourne’s coolest station, she’s seemingly no closer to a prime-time slot.That is, until someone is murdered live on air. While detectives promise the killer will soon be caught, the bodies continue to drop in increasingly gruesome ways. With a growing, macabre audience to her radio show, that potentially includes the killer, Tinsel begins receiving strange messages over the text lines. Her home and workplace are suddenly no longer the sanctuaries she once thought. The people she thought she could trust, are now those she should fear most. In order to survive, Tinsel is going to have to listen to more than just the airwaves…

MARIA LEWIS is a screenwriter, best-selling author, and pop culture etymologist based in Australia. She has worked on projects for Netflix, AMC, DC Comics, Ubisoft, Marvel and many more.