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400 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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Crime Translation
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Confessions of an anti-christ

Marta Skaði

Marta Skaði is on a mission to destroy the world. Rebelling against the perfect, picturesque Norwegian fishing town she was born in, she has formed a black metal band of such disturbing depravity she knows they’re the perfect weapon to corrupt the masses. 

When a record deal is dangled before the band after a particularly offensive gig, Marta has to hold the young, wannabe Satanists together as they reach for their destiny. Not easy when they consist of her ox-brained best friend drummer, a Viking-obsessed bass guitarist, a sex-addicted lead guitarist, and a barely human singer who could well be the Anti-Christ.

Yet as the record deal seems within reach, everything falls apart. And so begins the spiralling descent into madness of Marta and her strange, sordid group as they corrupt Christians on crosses and battle fascists with dildos, while coming to realise that one of them may be more evil than they realised…

Marta Skaði is the name of a character created by lawyer ANTHONY MISQUITTA. Anthony Misquittais a solicitor with 20+ years experience advising businesses, cultural institutions, artists and brands alike.