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Personal Finance
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A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing

Ellie Austin-Williams

This is your relatable, feminist guide to navigating the anxiety-inducing situations that money brings into your life, including:
– feeling like you’ve missed life milestones because of
    financial instability 
– the negative influence of girl-boss and hustle culture
– the search for purpose and gender-equality in your career
– saying no to events you can’t afford, like extravagant
    bachelorette parties
– the impact of comparison culture on your bank account

Insights from psychological, relationship and etiquette experts, as well as anecdotes from real people, add to Ellie Austin-William’s sound financial advice, making this book the ideal companion for anyone who wants money to become a source of empowerment, not fear.

ELLIE AUSTIN-WILLIAMS is the founder of the online community This Girl Talks Money. She is also the co-host of the podcast Money Unfiltered.  Find out more at: www.thisgirltalksmoney.co.uk

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A practical guide to harness your resilience and realize your potential

Richard Sutton

Richard Sutton has helped some of the world’s top sports stars and business leaders achieve their full potential, and now he is making the tools they use to thrive available to everyone.Discover the 8 secrets of neuroscience that will unlock your increased resilience. Take a masterclass in behavioural science designed for Olympic athletes, by learning the 7 key skills that give you the mindset of a champion. Take the tests provided to reveal where you can develop and grow. Be inspired by the stories of real people, including Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Martina Navratilova and Sifan Hassan.

RICHARD SUTTON is founder and CEO of global business health and performance consultancies, SuttonHealth and The Performance Code. With more than 20 years experience in the world of professional sport, Richard has worked with top-ranked tennis players and winning Olympic teams. He is the author of Stressproof and The Stress Code. Find out more at www.suttonhealth.co.za

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sound healing

How to Use Sound to Beat Stress and Anxiety

Farzana Ali

Taking a science-based approach which explores the impact of sound on your body and mind, popular sound healer Farzana Ali presents this accessible guide to using sound for self-care. Discover:

– a link to a recording which can be used as the basis for your sound healing practices at home
– the different types of therapeutic sound, from vibroacoustic massage to soundscapes
– the role of sound on the brain the benefits of sound healing, from better sleep to pain management and reducing anxiety
– how sound healing works as a form of passive rest, making it ideal for the highly stressed

Farzana shares practical tips and everyday activities with advice on extra tools, including active listening, art therapy, breath work, journaling exercises and visualizations. 

FARZANA ALI,  also known as The Sound Therapist, is a sound practitioner and former lifestyle and wellness journalist.