272 pp
HB 235 x 191 mm
Full-colour photography
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A Beginner’s Handbook to Creating an OrganicUrban Garden

Alessandro Vitale

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to establishing and tending anorganic kitchen garden in any urban space, no matter how small.Organic gardening expert Alessandro Vitale wants you to embracethe living soil and establish your own city Eden where creatures andplants can coexist, in harmony with our modern lives. He shares hislow-cost and organic approach with all the essential guidance youwill need, including his top plants for beginner gardeners, with aplethora of information on how to plant and look after them andhow to make the most of all your produce. Learn about companiongardening, saving seeds, DIY raised beds and everything to allowyour garden to flourish. The healing and planet-protecting powerof gardening is within your grasp!

ALESSANDRO VITALE aka Spicy Moustache shares his adventuresin his London garden on his YouTube (41k subscribers) and TikTok(1.8M fans) channels. He has been featured on Tamron Hall TV show in the US, The Guardian, Goodnewsnetwork and Ladbible. Find out more at spicymoustache.com

78 pp
Kit & Deck 126 x 87 mm
78 mono cards
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A Deck for Creative Visualization

Bel Senlle

Clarity is a radical, contemporary translation of the Tarot. Thedeck’s minimalist style reveals the heart of the traditional imagery, allowing any reader to intuitively connect with new visions.

Stripped of monarchical hierarchy, binarism and ageism of thecharacters, the cards allow people from different backgroundsand different levels of knowledge of Tarot to easily self-reflect onthem. The borderless design allows you to create visual landscapesto more deeply understand the elements of Tarot. The gorgeouslywritten guidebook includes an introduction to the system of theTarot deck and shows its depth of vision and associations, focusingon the rules of visual language. In addition, Bel shares guidance onreading for yourself and others, including four suggested spreads,issues on boundaries, activation of the deck and opening of space.

BEL SENLLE is an artist, Tarot reader, flower herbalist and teacher. She is from Argentina but based in London where she is a resident Tarot practitioner and teacher for She’s Lost Control and The BlessProject. She offers 1-1 sessions and workshops on Tarot, visual artsand magical creativity worldwide. Find out more at belensenlle.com

256 pp
PB with flaps
216 x 135 mm
Personal development
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Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water

Easkey Britton

Our strength lies in being soft like water. This book is about thepower we gain by connecting to water. It’s about how we canrestore our relationship with the world’s different bodies of water,from oceans to rivers and lakes, and by doing so, restore both thewater and ourselves.

In addition to sharing the profound insights of water protectors around the world and those of the author as both surfer and marinescientist, Ebb & Flow provides the reader with strategies to restorecalm, reduce stress and soothe anxiety. These range from simplebreathing and visualization exercises to undertaking a journey froma water source to the ocean. The emphasis is always as much on thebenefit to water as it is to the individual, and on creating a culture ofreciprocity and care.

DR EASKEY BRITTON is a surfer, writer, artist, film-maker, coach and marine social scientist, with a PhD in Environment and Society. She is the author of Saltwater in the Blood (Watkins, 2021).

224 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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How to Find Fun, Happiness and Meaning in What You Do

Steve Ahnael Nobel

If you’re feeling aimless, bored, stressed, overworked or burnt out, this book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens – but we can transform it. Using Buddhist principles, Steve Nobel guides usto realizing our innate gifts and discovering our authentic selves.

By working through practical exercises and calming meditations you can learn to trust your instincts, reframe your limiting beliefs, rediscover your creativity, create copying strategies for when you’re stressed and renew your love for your work. The worldof work is evolving and Steve prompts you to change with it; transform your happy, unprofessional life into one of self-worth, passion and purpose.

STEVE AHNAEL NOBEL is the author of six non-fiction books including The Spiritual Entrepreneur, and the creator of Soul Matrix Healing. He was a director of the highly successful Alternatives series for 13 years. He has created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission that are available on his website and YouTube channel. Find out more at thesoulmatrix.com