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21 Days to Make Joyful Movement a Habit

Dianne Buswell

This fantastic book from Strictly Come Dancing star Dianne Buswell offers a 21-day programme to make joyful movement a habit. Based on the four pillars of health that Dianne relies on every day -movement, nutrition, rest and positivity - it nourishes your body andmind through lifestyle hacks, recipes and movements.

It includes step-by-step routines from dance, yoga and Pilates; playlists curated by Dianne and insightful personal stories; tipson movements you can do anywhere, including 5-minute kitchendiscos; advice on self-care; inspiring weekly mantras; nutritiousrecipes; and reflective journaling prompts. Move Yourself Happy shows you how to create a new relationship with your body andfind the power in joyful movement.

DIANNE BUSWELL is one of the most loved dancers on primetimeseries Strictly Come Dancing, having reached the final in 2018 withher partner Joe Sugg. She is a trained holistic life coach and the founder of Buswellness, a platform to help you build strength andfind your happy through Pilates, yoga and dance.

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Live Healthier, Happier and Longer the Japanese Way

Kaki Okumura

In this gorgeous book, learn a new and revolutionary secret toleading a long, healthy and happy life from Japanese wellness expertKaki Okumura. Her four pillars seem simple, but together they forma holistic solution to gaining balance and vitality in all aspects of life:

NOURISH. Discard dieting tactics for principles such as Kuchisabishii, or “lonely mouth” to empathize with your body’s impulses. MOVE. Bring the joyful spirit of undoukai into your day bycelebrating movement rather than enforcing it. REST. Like a true shokunin artisan whip up a cup of traditionallybrewed matcha tea, and take a moment for curiosity in every day. SOCIALIZE. Improve your connection with others instantly with everyday Japanese salutations, or aisatsu, or instill the habit of gifting others with omiyage.

KAKI OKUMURA is a Japanese wellness writer and illustrator.She has been published in Bon Appetit, Heated x Mark Bittman, Yes! Magazine, S&P Magazine and Katie Couric’s Wake Up Call. She is Top Writer on Medium in the categories of Cooking, Food, Culture, Health, Psychology. Find out more at kakikata.space

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True Stories of Nature, Adventure and Connection

Laurie King and Miriam Lancewood

In response to a growing public expression of eco-anxiety, LaurieKing and Miriam Lancewood present a collection of incredibletrue stories from a diverse range of modern adventurers andnature lovers.

In this book you will hunt in the New Zealand wilderness with Miriam Lancewood; walk across the desert with explorer Angela Maxwell; survive for 10 years in an Australian forest withGregory Smith; lie underneath the stars with Roz Savage on theAtlantic Ocean; and set up a surf school for people of colour inCalifornia with David Malana. Throughout, original illustrationsand contributions from leading poets, including David Whyte andFatimah Asghar, bring these inspiring stories alive.

LAURIE KING is a writer who has written about nature connection and sustainability for magazines including Resurgence & Ecologist and STIR to Action.

is an internationally bestselling author and modern nomad. Her book Woman in the Wilderness was published in five languages.