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Colour illustrations
Mind, body, spirit
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A Creative Journey into Healing and Self-empowerment

Eitan Kedmy

Featuring gorgeous artwork, practical meditation exercises andaccessible drawing guides, this is the only mandala book that offersa journey of self-discovery by showing how to create your ownmandalas. Accessible for both artists and beginners, The MandalaWay will help you look inward and give expression to your innerworld of thoughts, feelings and experiences as you journey throughthe creation of 16 stunning mandalas. The first eight lessonsintroduce you to basic mandala templates, such as the Seed of Lifeand the Star of David. In the final eight lessons you embark on aexploratory journey through the body’s chakras; the Sacral ChakraMandala, for example, will help you feel more present, while theHeart Chakra Mandala will aid you in finding unconditional lovewithin yourself. This book combines creativity and fun with selfdiscovery,spiritual growth and the easing of anxiety and insecurity.

EITAN KEDMY is a mandala artist who teaches others to createmandala art for personal growth. He owned his own graphic designcompany in Tel Aviv for more than 20 years and has contributed tomany drawing, sculpture and illustration exhibitions in galleries inIsrael. Find out more on Instagram: @eitankedmy.mandala

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Health & Fitness/Women’s Health
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Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy After Birth

Clio Wood

This book breaks the silence around women’s sexual experiencesafter birth. From unpicking the relationship between mental healthand motherhood, to learning the basics of scar massage and finallydoing the perfect Kegel, Clio Wood helps you to find solutions andreclaim your sexuality.

With insights from real women going through the same things youare, as well as advice from leading health experts, including women’shealth physios and perinatal mental health psychologists, this bookis the postnatal support you deserve.

CLIO WOOD is a women’s health and sex positivity advocate,journalist and Founder of &Breathe. Find out more atandbreathewellbeing.com

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HB 185 x 130 mm
Mind, Body, Spirit
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Krishnamurti’s Journal

J Krishnamurti

A beautiful gift selection from Krishnamurti’s late journals, TheBeauty of Life consists of more than 55 short entries containingdescriptions of high mountains, jungles and rolling meadows, whichconclude with his own spontaneous musings on the nature ofconsciousness. This elegant pocket-sized hardback can be carriedeverywhere and makes an inspiring gift.

Our minds can bring us down and seemingly conspire againstus, but a quieter contemplation of how things truly are can alsobring breakthroughs and peace. This is exactly what this bookdoes through its vivid scenes and helpful contemplations. Includespreviously unpublished material.

KRISHNAMURTI lived from 1895 to 1986 and is regarded as oneof the greatest philosophical and spiritual figures of the twentiethcentury. Bound by no religious tradition, he travelled the world fornearly sixty years speaking spontaneously to large audiences.Find out more at www.kfoundation.org