284 pp
HB 210 x 174 mm
Over 140 full-colour photographs and black-and-white line drawings
World rights available


Wanderings and Wonderings through the British Ritual Year

Weird Walk, Foreword by Stewart Lee

The first book by iconic zine creators and cultural phenomenon Weird Walk. This is a superbly designed guide to Britain’s strange and ancient places, to the pagan rituals practised today, and to the process of re-enchantment via weird walking. Season by season, it offers up 32 very special and truly magical locations, from megalithic sites such as Pentre Ifan and Stanton Drew to locations of modern rituals such as Tigh nam Bodach and Chepstow. 

By walking the ancient landscape and following the wheel of the year as it turns, we can reconnect to our shared folklore, to the seasons and to nature, setting a course towards optimism, re-enchantment and a brighter future for all.

With a foreword by comedian and standing stones enthusiast Stewart Lee. 

WEIRD WALK began as three friends walking an ancient trackway across southern England. The first Weird Walk zine, now into its fifth edition, was published in May 2019. Weird Walk also produce events, such as the touring festival “Ley Line” launched in autumn 2022. Find out more at weirdwalk.co.uk

208 pp
PB 190 x 130 mm
Two Colour Illustration
World rights available


A Guided Journal for Processing Feelings and Emotions

Alumdena Rocca

Designed for visual people looking for creative self-care that goes beyond mindfulness, this guided journal teaches you an amazing new technique for processing emotion and soothing anxiety: intuitive drawing. Almudena Rocca presents you with the essential skills you will need to draw intuitively, drawing on techniques from art therapy and Surrealism that allow you to access the unconscious mind. She guides you through 11 core emotions, including anger, fear and hope, before moving on to the drawing prompts which focus on exploring your memories, relationships, childhood, hopes and ambitions, as well as events in your day-to-day life.

With inspiring quotes, beautiful illustrations and space to doodle, this is the perfect resource for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional journalling.

ALMUDENA ROCCA is a multidisciplinary artist, tattooist and mental health advocate. She has collaborated with Project Ability, Self-Care is For Everyone and Chillis studio, and has a CPCAB
Level 3 certificate in counselling studies. Find out more at

208 pp
HB 216 x 182 mm
Approx. 150 colour illustrations & photographs
Slavic remedies
World rights available


Nourishing Herbal Remedies, Magical Recipes and Folk Wisdom

Zuza Zak

Infused with the Slavic wisdom and folk healing passed on to Zuza Zak by her two Polish grandmothers, this is a beautifully illustrated treasure trove of the old ways of Eastern Europe, full of little rituals and remedies to make your life gentler, sweeter and more joyful. 

Discover natural remedies for physical and mental wellbeing, such as a Chamomile Bath for Relaxation and Optimism, beauty products, such as a Lilac Body Oil for Improving Your Skin and Your Intuition, rituals to honour the passing year, such as weaving Wildflower Wreaths for a Midsummer Celebration of Freedom, healing recipes such as Elderflower Cake for Immunity and the Sheer Joy of it, and craft activities, such as painting eggs and dying clothes, to boost creativity and mindfulness.  

ZUZA ZAK is the author of three cookbooks (Polska, Amber & Rye and Pierogi). You can watch Zuza on TV across Europe and the Middle East presenting Polish food in Food Network Finds: Poland. Find out more at: zuzazak.com

192 pp booklet
126 x 87 mm
78 colour cards


A Deck and Guidebook To Activate Ethereal Lunar Magic

Florance Saul

The official physical edition of the hugely popular online deck which has been used by over 86 million people.

The power of the moon is at your fingertips... Connect with your spirit on a higher level, commune with the wisdom of the moon, stars and the universe, and find new meaning in the Tarot with this beautiful deck sumptuously presented in sparkling gold foil! Psychic and occult expert Flo presents the 78 classic tarot cards, illustrated with stunning artworks sprinkled with moon dust that shed new light and meanings on the classic imagery with insight from dreams and lunar wisdom.

The accompanying booklet provides interpretations of the cards, including keywords, inspiring poems intuited by Flo and readings for both upright and reversed cards. Elevate your lunar connection, find answers, hone your intuition and transform your life.

FLORANCE SAUL is a psychic, occult expert and creator of AuntyFlo.com, the go-to spiritual destination for dream meanings, which has welcomed over 100 million visitors.