192 pp booklet
126 x 87 mm
60 colour cards
DivinationWorld rights available


Mike Bass

Folklore encapsulates age-old wisdom about human experiences of joy and sadness, celebration and mourning, triumph and loss. These 60 beautifully illustrated linocut-style cards will connect you with this ancient lore. They feature iconic characters, plants and animals from across UK, US and European folklore, from White Bison and Sasquatch (Big Foot) to Herne the Hunter and the Green Man to the Mermaid and Pan.

A 192pp guidebook profiles each card, offering stories about how the folkloric beings manifest in the modern world and guidance about what each card might mean for you when you draw it and how to connect with the energy of each folkloric being.

Use this oracle to answer your questions, make decisions, fire up your creativity, connect with nature and enrich your daily life with a sense of magic.

MIKE BASS grew up in a house with spirits and has always been fascinated by myths, folklore and the supernatural. He is a print maker, folklorist and storyteller who loves hearing a good tale as much as telling one. He owns the Zip-Dang shop in Madison.

356 pp
HB with ribbon
228 x 180 mm
Full-colour illustration
Juvenile Fiction/Bedtime & dreams
World rights available


Stories of Wisdom, Compassion and Mindfulness to Read with Your Child

Dharmachari Nagaraja

Discover over 50 magical retellings of ancient Buddhist stories.
Building on the age-old art of storytelling, this beautifully illustrated treasury brings together tales from three classic collections: Buddha at Bedtime, The Buddha’s Apprentice at Bedtime and Calm Buddha at Bedtime. Transport your child into a world of enchantment and uncover easy-to-understand Buddhist messages through the adventures of delightful characters like the Brave Little Parrot, the Gentle Dragon or the Grateful Bull. In addition to these stories, you will find lessons on the art of meditation, advice on how to become more mindful and a selection of soothing, guided visualizations.

Make this book a part of your regular bedtime routine and give your child the tools they need to be calm and relaxed before sleep and as they go about their day.

DHARMACHARI NAGARAJA was a regular guest presenter on BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought with Terry Wogan, where he first used Buddhist tales to communicate the Buddha’s teachings. He now lives in his native Scotland, where he works as a psychotherapist.

368 pp
HB 234 x 153 mm
60 mono illustrations
Folklore, myths & legends
World rights available [excl. India]


Rakesh Khanna and J. Furcifer Bhairav

An encyclopedia of evil entities and folkloric fiends spanning the length and breadth of India, complete with 60 spooky illustrations. Meet the killer robots built with Roman engineering technology that once guarded the relics of the Buddha, and the ghost of a motorcyclist whose Enfield Bullet is venerated at a highway temple in Rajasthan. Beware the fearsome yeti married to a Himalayan spirit-teacher, and the diabolical entities conjured into existence by the simultaneous deaths of seven tigers. Quake in your boots at the thought of night-flying Vedic necromancers, call-centre employees from beyond the grave, and the dreaded Ngalei Ahmaw of Maraland, whose victims’ heads detach themselves from their bodies at night and go wandering in search of blood ... AND MORE!

RAKESH KHANNA grew up in Berkeley, California, of mixed Punjabi and Anglo-American heritage. He co-founded Blaft Publications in Chennai with his wife, Rashmi Ruth Devadasan, in 2008, publishing translations of bestselling Indian-language pulp fiction, folklore collection and supernatural romance stories.
is the pseudonym of a private and mysterious individual who is the child of a professional exorcist.

288 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
World rights available


The Science Based Guide to Taking Your Power Back
from Alcohol

Kayla Lyons

Whether you’re tired of hangxiety and want to go booze free or are looking to make small adjustments to your drinking habits, this non-judgemental guide gives you the tools you need to create a relationship with alcohol that works for you. You will find:

– The hows and whys of our society’s relationship with alcohol
– Exercises to help you assess your current relationship with drinking
– Expert information, including from addiction and nutrition specialists, and insights from real people
– A science based Soberish toolkit, including sound healing exercises, cold exposure therapy tips and intuitive movement activities
– Guidance on how to deal with real-life scenarios involving alcohol.

KAYLA LYONS is the founder of Join Soberish and 1,000 Hours Dry (The Dry Club). She is also a founding team member of Reframe App and co-host of the Generation Dry podcast.