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Knock Knock

In Pursuit of a Grand Unified Theory of Humour

William Hartston

Of all human qualities, humour is perhaps the most puzzling. In thisfirst mainstream history of humour, William Hartston looks at everyaspect of the evolution of humour and our attitudes towards it witha view to developing a proper Theory Of Everything Humorous.

From jokes in ancient Rome to laughter in the Bible, and from thesecret of comic delivery to how humour changed following theAmerican civil war, William leaves no stone unturned in his questto understand what makes us chuckle. Besides being academicallywell-founded – and unlike almost everything else written on thesubject – A History of Humour is also entertaining.

WILLIAM HARTSTON is a journalist, the author of 25 books and writer of the popular Beachcomber column in the Daily Express. He is also known for his television appearances, including Channel4’s Gogglebox.

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10 Strategies for Facing Anger at Home, at Work and Online

Dr Ryan Martin

Maybe your job often brings you into conflict with angry peopleor you have an angry parent, partner or child. As we often can’tcut ourselves off from angry people (although terminating arelationship is an option that’s explored), this book draws on theauthor’s years of research and clinical practice to help readersmanage potentially explosive situations for the best outcomes.

How to Deal with Angry People offers 10 strategies for dealing effectively with angry people, from figuring out what you want from a person andknowing when to disengage to avoiding character assaults andfinding ways to reach those who refuse to communicate. Casestudies, tips and practices support readers as they deal with the angry people in their lives.

DR RYAN MARTIN is Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the author of Why We Get Mad. His TEDtalk “Why We Get Mad” has been viewed more than 3.4 milliontimes since June 2019. Find out more at www.alltheragescience

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Dreams & their interpretation
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Unlock the True Meanings of Your Dreams With the Wisdom of the Moon

Florance Saul

This book is the first to combine dream meaning with lunar living. Presented in a straightforward and practical way, psychic and occult expert Flo provides never-before-seen dream interpretation basedon lunar activity. Uncover:
• How and why the eight magical moon phases impact our dreamsand their meanings, and how we should respond to those messages.
• The deeply studied impact that astrology and the Moon,astronomy and psychology have had on spiritual wisdom and theart of dream interpretation
• Ishtar, the goddess of the heavens, through which we can channela deeper understanding of the stars, the moon, and ourselves
• A thorough A-Z interpretation of dream symbols and theirmessages within the lunar cycle

FLORANCE SAUL is a psychic, occult expert and creator of AuntyFlo.com, the go-to spiritual destination for dream meanings and lunar wisdom, which has welcomed over 100 million visitors. Find out more at AuntyFlo.com

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Everything You Need to Be Your Greatest You

Alon Ulman and Dr Michal Solomonovich

Give your child the skills they need to be the greatest version of themselves. Using evidence-based content adapted from the effective online program Winner’s Code Junior, this book showsthem how to succeed at school, socially and in their hobbies.

Champion! guides your child through 10 important life codes, including “Break the Fear Boundary” and “Anything You Want toGet, Give”. Along the way it provides entertaining activities, suchas watching The Karate Kid; insights from successful adults andother children; as well as advice on how you can support your childthrough this process. With an engaging colour interior, Champion! is perfect for children to complete independently, though it can also be worked through with a parent or teacher.

ALON ULMAN is a sought-after speaker, life and business strategyexpert, and founder of The Winner’s Code Ltd.

DR MICHAL SOLOMONOVICH is a neuro linguistic programming master, coaching expert and personal trainer with a Ph.D. in Education and expertise in coaching kids, teens and their parents.