272 pp
PB 203 x 178 mm
Approx. 100 colour illustrations, photographs & maps
World rights available

The Astral Geographic

The Watkins Guide to the Occult World

Andy Sharp

Here is the occult world as you’ve never seen it before! This terrific guide to occult travel features 10 itineraries of magical tours, complete with maps, illustrations and photographs. Spanning continents and centuries in pursuit of occult themes, it is meant to be pursued by the astral or armchair traveller rather than on the ground, although readers are sure to be inspired to plan epic trips of their own. 

– In the Crowley & Choronzon Desert Tour, hike across the Algerian desert in the footsteps of the magicians Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuburg.
– In The Descent & Rise of Witchcraft Tour, visit the temples of Hekate and Circe in Turkey and Italy, the Spanish sites of the Inquisition’s witch-hunts, and the haunts of the Norse sorceresses. – In the Curse, Protect and Divine Tour, cross Europe to the United States and Kenya unearthing buried curses and sinister village hexes.

ANDY SHARP is a writer and multimedia artist. Since 2003, he has worked on English Heretic, an autonomous creative research project that culminated in the publication of his critically acclaimed first book, The English Heretic. 

304 pp
HB 234 x 153 mm
Approx. 150 colour illustrations
World rights available

The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Tolkien's World

Antony Cummins

Tolkien’s Middle Earth continues to capture the global imagination. In this comprehensive unofficial guide, this labyrinthine world is dissected and made accessible for fans of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Rings of Power. For the first time, see all the events of all Tolkien’s books slotted into a timeline, with easy-reference lists of players, places, gods, weapons, magical tools and creatures, plus resolution of confusing issues, such as multiple names in different languages being given to the same characters and places.

Offering the complex history, mythology and geography of Middle Earth in super-accessible form, illustrated with approx. 150 striking illustrations, this is an unusual and compelling approach to Tolkien’s work and a must for all his fans.

ANTONY CUMMINS is the author of The Ultimate Art of War,
The Ultimate I-Ching  
and many other books. Recognized by peers as a leading expert in the discovery of military arts of medieval Japan, he has a special interest in Tolkien and the wider world of fantasy, and is a Dungeons and Dragons role-play master of many years standing. Find out more at www.natori.co.uk