256 pp
PB 200 x 145 mm
Full-colour illustration
Juvenile Nonfiction/Mental Health
World rights available excl. Hebrew


Everything You Need To Be Your Greatest You

Dr Michal Solomonovich and Alon Ulman

Success is not a fluke. We're going to show you how to make your dreams come true in every area of your life, from school to your hobbies. This book is your ultimate guide to living a happy life in which you fulfil all your goals, all the time. You will discover:

– 10 evidence-based life codes, like Face Your Fears, Anything You Want to Get, Give and Find Your Tribe
– Entertaining activities, including watching The Karate Kid and creating your own movie clapperboard
– An illustrated interior full of inspirational quotations

With a note to parents advising them on how they can support you on this journey, Champion! contains everything you need to become your greatest you!

DR MICHAL SOLOMONOVICH is a neuro linguistic programming master with a Ph.D. in Education and expertise in coaching kids, teens and their parents.

ALON ULMAN is a sought-after speaker, life and business strategy expert, and founder of The Winner's Code Ltd.

138 pp
HB 185 x 130 mm
Mono illustrations
Mind, Body, Spirit/Palmistry


How To Read Anyone’s Unique Personality and Potential From Their Hands

Jonny Fincham

This authoritative book by the UK’s eminent palmist provides you with all the tools you need to reveal all the traits, potentials and unique aspects of personality in your own palm and those of your family and friends.

– Discover your psychic abilities through a set of simple principles!
– Learn about the areas of the palm, which reveal your strengths and struggles and character; how the length of your fingers indicate your values and drives; and how your fingerprints show your personal mind set.
– Explore in depth all the major and minor hand lines, including the life, heart head and fate lines.
– Use the special checklist provided to build up the complete profile of any person to give them a spookily accurate palm reading.

JOHNNY FINCHAM has been dubbed Britain’s leading palmist by Daily Mail, appearing regularly on radio and TV. His books include Palmistry Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours and The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry. Find out more at johnnyfincham.com

Desk Diary: 9781786787552
247 x 167 mm

Pocket Diary: 9781786787569
148 x 100 mm

Full colour illustration
Self-Help/Personal Growth
World rights available


A Year of Inspiration for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Jess Sharp

Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, the bestselling illustrated Every Day Matters Diary will guide you on a journey of awareness and fulfilment as you go about your everyday activities. Jess Sharp returns as the illustrator of this inspirational diary with new, vibrant illustrations alongside one life-enhancing theme a month for you to focus on. This year’s themes range from adventure, change and acceptance to creativity, hope and peace.

Each week-to-view spread features an inspiring quote that encourages reflection on the month’s theme and an exercise to further your overall wellbeing. The combination of uplifting illustrations and engaging content will appeal not only to those who use the diary year after year but also to new users looking
for something beautiful and inspirational.

JESS SHARP is a designer and illustrator based in South Yorkshire, UK. An advocate for mental health awareness and wellbeing, Jess offers positive reminders for when people need them most. Find out more at jessrachelsharp.com and on Instagram

296 pp
PB 210 x 248 mm
Two Colour Illustration
World rights excl. POR for Brazil available


Ana Leo

This unique and beautifully illustrated astrological diary will bring lunar wisdom into your everyday, with life-coaching tools and tips for each week. Organised around the zodiac, it shows you how to use the signs to inform your decisions and align your life with the energy of the Universe. It also explains the mysterious effects of planetary conjunctions, like how Mercury entering retrograde affects your decision making and fortunes. 

This year’s diary has more interactive features than ever situated at the crossover of astrology and natural magic, with spells and rituals for you to try at home, like the sacred altar ritual, as well as tarot information, horoscopes and customizable astral charts. Astrology is a wonderful tool you can use everywhere; you don’t need to be mystical to enjoy it.

ANA LEO is a life coach specializing in guidance from planetary movement, zodiac signs and Tarot. She is certified by the Brazilian Coaching Society and creates popular YouTube readings, events and workshops. Find out more on Instagram @analeo and YouTube www.youtube.com/analeo