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HB 246 x 189 mm
Full-colour photography
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the witch’s workshop

A Guide to Crafting Your Own Magical Tools

Melissa Jayne Madara

From the author of The Witch’s Feast, this is the first fully illustrated, comprehensive introduction to the handicrafts of witchcraft. Through over 60 craft projects, learn all the techniques you need to create your personalized magical toolkit.

Approachable for beginners and stimulating for established practitioners, the crafts are clearly explained through luscious photographs, detailed research, useful charts, and easy-to-follow instructions. Chapters include incense, inks, oils, natural dyes, papers, powders and candles. With deep understanding of each craft and magical associations, you can create alters and spells that are highly specific, personal and in touch with your local environment.

MELISSA MADARA is a witch, herbalist, storyteller and chef. They are a co-owner at Catland Books, editrix at Venefica Magazine, and the curator of Catland’s private courtyard garden. Melissa has been featured in The New York Times, Vice, Vogue, and many other media outlets. Their writing has been published in Venefica Magazine, Susie Magazine, and Fiddler’s Green.

272 pp
HB 185 x 127 mm
Mono illustrations, Specially commissioned illustrations by Ink Ai Takita
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Mind, Body, Spirit
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THE jaPANESE aRT OF lIVING seasonally

An Invitation to Celebrate Every Day

Natalie Leon

This beautiful guide unlocks the secrets of Japan’s seasonal culture. Through 12 key concepts, such as shun, eating seasonally, kasane, the language of colour, and mottainai, zero-waste living, this treasure trove of folktales, recipes and activities help you relish the season wherever you live. Design your own beautiful new year’s cards and make a snow rabbit during Oshogatsu (New Year). Practise hanami, the ritual of flower viewing, and celebrate spring blossoms around the world. Make edible dried petals for sweets or compose a haiku to celebrate the ephemeral beauty of spring. Discover the way of the water, or mizu, through Japanese river spirits and ocean goddesses. Try spring rain rituals or take an onsen-inspired bath in the winter. Increase your personal harmony, creativity and happiness by savouring the seasons, no matter where you are.

NATALIE LEON is a Japanologist, writer and student of Chanoyu, The Way of Tea. She has consulted for NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting organisation, and the Ezen Foundation, a philanthropic organisation dedicated to advancing the appreciation of Japanese art. She has an MA in Japanese Studies from SOAS, London.

224 pp
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Psychology/Memory Improvement
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the brain code

Using Neuroscience to Improve Learning, Memory and Emotional Intelligence

Dr Yossi Chalamish

With cutting-edge neuroscience research presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand way, this is the first mainstream book to introduce a new and fascinating branch scientific field: Clinical Neruoscience. Arguing that the brain has the power to prevent and treat a variety of neurobiological disorders, from autism to attention deficit disorder, The Brain Code teaches readers how to get the most from their brains, how to access their peak cognitive function. 

Each chapter will look at different brain functions – sleep, memory, learning, emotional intelligence, creativity, regulating fears – and provide contemporary research on how it works, case studies from Dr Yossi’s clinical experience that illustrate its function, and practical exercises to improve your cognitive abilities in your everyday life. 

DR YOSSI CHALAMISH is a practicing doctor and neuroscientist. After completing his MD, he continued his studies in the field of brain research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, specializing in “clinical neuroscience”. He is the cofounder of Brainways/Israel, which provides practical training to increase cognitive abilities. 

224 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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Why You Are Addicted and How to Break Free

Talitha Fosh, foreword by Adwoa Aboah

This book is for anyone who struggles with addictive behaviour. In it, psychotherapist Talitha Fosh sheds light on the true meaning of addiction, looking at the subtle ways it can manifest itself without our awareness. She explores why we often seek external factors to change the way we feel internally, reframes addiction away from the extreme “addict” stereotype and provides practical tips and tools to help readers break any self-destructive cycle they may find themselves in, using examples from social media and gaming to alcohol and food.

Hooked breaks down the journey of addiction into four key pillars: discovery, highs of addiction, lows and denial, and recovery. With applications of Talitha’s principles to scenarios applicable to our modern lives, case studies from real people and insights into her own struggles with addiction, this book is the perfect companion for your journey toward freedom from addictive habits.

TALITHA FOSH is a qualified psychotherapist who works primarily on addiction with millennial and Gen Z patients. Find out more at: www.talithafosh.com