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HB 210 x 174 mm
Illustrated with
full-colour artworks
by Jamie Reid
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A Shamanarchist’s Guide to the Wheel of the Year

Jamie Reid, Stephen Ellcock and Philip Carr-Gomm

Punk meets druidry in this incredible exploration of the pagan Wheel of the Year. This is the first trade edition of Jamie Reid’s art in many years, the images selected and introduced by Stephen Ellcock. Philip Carr-Gomm writes about the eight seasonal celebrations of the Wheel of the Year and how we can live better by observing them. These festivals – the equinoxes, solstices, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain – are observed not just by practising pagans, but also by hundreds of thousands of people with an interest in connecting with nature and old ways of being. Much of Jamie Reid’s work expressed his radical environmentalist ideas; he was also an honorary Druid and his great-uncle was George Watson Macgregor-Reid, the Chief Druid who was responsible for putting Stonhenge at the heart of the summer solstice celebrations.

JAMIE REID is best known for his work with the Sex Pistols. His art is to be found in the V&A, the Tate, MOMA and many other places.

STEPHEN ELLCOCK is a curator and the bestselling author of All Good Things, The Cosmic Dancer and England on Fire.

PHILLIP CARR-GOMM is a former Chief Druid of OBOD and the author of The Book of English Magic.

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HB 197 x 130 mm
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Sacred Feminine Through the Ages

Voices of Visionary Women on Power and Belief

Paula Marvelly

A fascinating history of women’s belief, faith and spirituality, as told through the art and writing of over 30 women of wisdom of widely differing ages and faiths, including but not limited to Jewish, Christian, Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist. Discover the common and overriding themes between them, which can be expressed as “non-duality”. Whether you are interested in reviving lost and misunderstood women of history, or you are looking to find new ways to understand the many ancient questions that generations have been asking, you will discover a wealth of inspiration. Read the musings of the ancient priestess Enheduanna on her beloved goddess of the moon. Revel in the immortal beauty of Sappho’s poetry on the divine bounty of Mother Nature. Uncover the cosmic life force with polymath Hildegard of Bingen, and so much more.

PAULA MARVELLY is an author, filmmaker, creator and Editor of The Culturium, a blog that explores the way in which mystical spirituality manifests through the cultural arts. Paula has spent many years writing about spirituality, culture and the arts. She has a postgraduate M.Phil research degree in European Studies from Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. Find out more at: www.theculturium.com

128 page booklet 
48 Cards
Kit & Deck
126 x 87 mm
48 specially commissioned illustrations
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48 Spiritual Messages For a Journey of Transformation and Healing

The Life Alignment Academy

Life Alignment is a system that can be used to release any blocked issues, transform limiting beliefs, and enhance your inner qualities. It can be used in many aspects of life and is an inclusive system, which combines elements of ancient and modern wisdom, in a simple and effective way. These cards are a unique entry point to a life-changing system. They help you discover new spiritual inspiration and find harmony in every aspect of your life. Elena Arietti, a Life Alignment Academy teacher, was inspired to connect with the energies of Life Alignment and, with the contribution of Jeff Levin, the Life Alignment founder, she created these beautiful spiritual messages and affirmations.

THE LIFE ALIGNMENT ACADEMY trains Life Alignment Practitioners and Teachers through a programme organised on 3 Levels. It is currently present in Italy, Israel and the Netherlands.com. Find out more at: www.lifealignmentacademy.org

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Self-help/Stress Management
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Nature’s Remedies for Stress
and Fatigue

Recovering From Burnout

Jo Dunbar

Medical herbalist Jo Dunbar follows up Secrets From a Herbalist’s Garden with this up-to-date look at stress and how it makes us feel diminished and exhausted. Countless people are crippled by stress and anxiety, the effects of which can lead to devastating long-term illnesses such as adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. More recently, there has also been the complex condition known as long Covid. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has almost nothing to offer here.

Having helped people for more than 20 years to recover from these illnesses, Jo passes on her knowledge and experience in this accessible book. She offers simple non-toxic remedies that we can all use to feel better. These involve nutrition, herbs, exercise, meditation and lifestyle changes. She doesn’t though reject mainstream medicine and she is well-versed in the current scientific research.

JO DUNBAR has treated thousands of patients since qualifying as a Medical Herbalist in 1999. She is the founder of Botanica Medica herbal apothecary (www.botanicamedica.co.uk).

224 pp
PB 216 x 135 mm
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Popular Science 
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The SuperluminAL Universe

Redefining Consciousness, Time and Space

Régis Dutheil & Brigitte Dutheil

Thanks to the development of particle accelerators, physicists can propel particles (tachyons) at a speed close to that of light, where the laws that govern our universe no longer apply. Professor Dutheil’s work has shown that the theory of relativity is not incompatible with that of tachyons, as long as we allow for the possibility of a double reality: that alongside our sub-luminous universe, following the law of time, is a superluminous universe. Here it is possible to conceive of a being moving from one end
of space to the other.

This thesis joins the intuitions of ancient philosophers with quantum physics and can blow our current notions of time and death out the water. The author goes on to describe many strange and supernatural events that can be explained using this astounding concept.

PROFESSOR REGIS DUTHEIL was a quantum physicist and consciousness researcher who taught at Poitiers University. He was a joint Director of the Louis de Broglie Physics Foundation in Paris. His daughter Brigitte is also an academic.