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Big Flavour Twists to Classic Dishes

Nisha Katona 

Bold is all about big flavours, brave spicing and surprising ingredient combinations that make classic dishes and family favourites taste sensational. Step out of your comfort zone, deliver a spice punch and make your friends and family say WOW! without having to spend a fortune on ingredients or hours in the kitchen. 

Try out max-flavour Small Plates such as “Bengali Hash Browns” and “Figgy Meatloaf”. Dig into delicious Big Plates, like “Crunchy-Nut Chicken Burgers” and “Sticky Scrumpy, Maple & Anise BBQ Ribs”. Satisfy your dessert cravings with Sweet Plates such as “Saffron & Orange Blossom Scones” and “Plum & Tamarind Strudel”. With its padded red and gold foil cover and sumptuous food photography, this book is fabulous inside and out. As Nisha always says: “Trust me, this works!” You’ll never cook the same tame way again.

NISHA KATONA is the founder and CEO of Mowgli Street Food restaurants and the author of five previous cookbooks including the bestselling Mowgli Street Food. She appears extensively on TV, including on ITV’s This Morning and on the BBC’s Great British Menu and MasterChef